Günay Doğan

Applied Mathematician
National Institute of Standards and Technology

E-mail: gunay (dot) dogan (at) nist (dot) gov
Address: National Institute of Standards and Technology
100 Bureau Dr., Stop 8910
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8910 


Research Interests

My research is in image processing, inverse problems and scientific computing. To solve problems in these areas, I develop numerical tools for partial differential equations (PDE), variational problems, and optimization (shape optimization and PDE-constrained optimization).

What's new

07.20.2021  -   Organized the Minisymposium on Advances in Shape Optimization Algorithms at the SIAM Conference on Optimization (see conference web page)

Research Summary

Currently I am developing computational methods for shape analysis and shape reconstruction from direct and indirect measurements (e.g. by a camera, a microscope, a CT-scanner, etc). In the case of direct measurements (i.e. images), I solve the image segmentation problem, namely the problem of detecting objects, regions or boundaries in given images. In the case of indirect measurements, I deal with tomographic reconstruction or nondestructive testing. I have also been developing algorithms for statistical shape analysis based on the elastic shape dissimilarity metric.

Previously I developed and implemented numerical algorithms to enable simulations of nonlinear physics of material microstructures. This code is incorporated in the software package, Object-Oriented Finite Element Analysis of Microstructures (OOF), distributed by NIST (see OOF web page). I have also developed fast reconstruction algorithms for inverse problems governed by PDEs.

research gallery for more information about my research.



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